Hi I'm NoaQ!
A freelance Artist/VArtist based in Malaysia!
Not a Vtuber |ω´・;)EN/CN OK

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About sharing my work

People are strictly prohibited from sharing and using
my original artwork and commission work on other platforms.
(Unless you are the commissioner themselves)
I do quite an amount of Vtuber fanart and fan animation,
if you are the Vtuber themselves, you are free to use and share!
If not,
Vtuber Fanart and Fan Animation are only allowed to be shared
with credit after asking for my permission.
Using my fanart as:
Profile picture, Icon, Banner, or Vtuber clip thumbnail art
while crediting me on your bio is ok.
(Credit me using my YouTube/Twitter link, or both)
Please provide me with the link to the platform you shared
So I can have a record that I did allow you to share with my consent.
I will also take a screenshot of our conversation as a record.
I'm on multiple social playforms
But I only use Twitter/Instagram for DMs, if it's from other platforms it's not me.
My Twitter | My Instagram
If the social platforms are not the same link with the ones I have in my carrd, they are also not me.Sharing my work without credits will be reported.Nothing made by me may be used in any blockchain-related technology,
including NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.
You are not allowed to use/upload my artwork to any AI art generation service.
(To be short, NO NFT and NO AI.)

Artwork Portfolio

Original Series: The Girl & Monsters

Fan-Made series

Attended conventions

List of attended conventions:× Comic Fiesta Malaysia 2018-2019, 2022-2023
× Comic Art Fiesta Malaysia 2018-2020
× Comic Fiesta Mini Penang 2017-2019
× Anime Fest Kuala Lumpur 2018
× Animangaki Malaysia 2016-2019, 2021-2023
× Doujin Market Singapore 2023
× AFA Creator Super Fest 2023
× Nijigen Expo February, July 2023/ February 2024

List of attend-ING conventions:× Anime Fest! Plus+ Malaysia 2024
× Doujin Market Singapore 2024

× Animangaki Malaysia_August 2022

× NijigenExpo Malaysia_February 2023

× Doujin Market Singapore_May 2023

× NijigenExpo Malaysia_July 2023

× AFA CSF Singapore_July 2023

× Animangaki Malaysia_August 2023

× Comic Fiesta Malaysia_December 2023

× NijigenExpo Malaysia_February 2023

Here are my Live2D models and my parents!

NoaQ 1.0
Model Art: NoaQ (Me) × Rigging: Vyrus

Chibi Onesie NoaQ
Model Art: Hacheeko × Rigging: Crunchy

Puppy NoaQ
Model Art: NoaQ(me) × Rigging: Mhaimoon

Chibean Egg NoaQ
Model Art: Taugeeee × Rigging: Chris